Synoid Gammacor Builds

Synopsis:This build uses the innate Magnetic damage and elemental mods to apply three different elemental types with 100% status chance.
Note:All mods and weapons are max rank unless stated otherwise. All primed mods can be substituted with the non-primed versions.
Mod List:[Barrel Diffusion] [Frostbite] [Pistol Pestilence] [Scorch] [Jolt] [Lethal Torrent] [Deep Freeze] [Primed Heated Charge]
Critical Chance10.0%
Critical Multiplier2.0x
Fire Rate24.00
Riven Disposition
Status / Sec108.8%
Radiation (+)223.4
Magnetic (+)78.4
Viral (+)164.6
Forma (1)
Add Polarity1x
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